Thank you, –  to all 800 of you that attended our drop in Event!

on SATURDAY 11TH JANUARY 2014 at The Thomas Spencer Hall (Church Hall, Whittington)

PLEASE…Respond to the Environmental Statement (ES) consultation by 24th January 2014

HS2-How it will affect you & HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED

- Understand the impact HS2 will have on your life.  Tell your neighbours & relatives.  Write to the press.  Make sure everyone is informed

- Respond to the Consultation….full details on ‘How to’ below…Any response is better than none!

- Consider alternatives to petition for.  Talk to your councils and the action groups

- Lobby your MP, and ask your friends to lobby theirs

- Support the national and local actions groups and help them to defend your interests.


Respond to the Environmental Statement (ES) consultation by 24th January 2014

Acting now is important: Whilst not doing so won’t stop you petitioning the hybrid bill recorded responses at this stage will help!

Responding can be done by everyone., no matter how directly or indirectly affected.

Responding can cover any aspect of HS2…the shear principle, impact, cost, land-take, noise,…anything!

Responding will support any issues on which petitions may be raised at the next stage.

Responding will be summarised to inform debate at second reading in parliament & could influence key vote.



You can simply register you feelings about the impact on your area or community, in your own words by

Writing to: (please note the first line is not a spelling error!)…


HS2 Phase One Bill Environmental Statement

PO Box 70178

London WC1A 9HS

or Emailing your comments to: HS2PhaseOneBillES@dialoguebydesign.com

OR PICK UP A ‘FREEPOST’ POSTCARD AT : (Venues to be confirmed on Mon 13th Jan)

Submissions ‘in your own words’ are invited… however a simple suggestion could be…


“I believe that mitigation proposals in CFA22 do not go far enough. I would like the Secretary of State/HS2 Ltd to implement the mitigation put forward by Staffordshire County Council”


We would strongly encourage the that any objection to HS2 is then supported by the request to lower the line.

This point carries the most realistic weight in relation to mitigation and future petitioning to protect our region.


To view Staffordshire County Councils position on HS2 visit:


or to view their submission to the previous ES in 2013 visit…


If you have time you can complete the response form with a more in depth response

Online: www.gov.uk/government/consultations/hs2-phase-one-environmental-statement

The HS2 Ltd site also provides links to information surrounding the environmental statement as does HS2 Ltd site:


If you are unsure of how to make a submission or wish to speak to somebody at HS2 Ltd call:

HS2 Public Enquiries Team on 020 7944 4908 or email hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk.

We oppose the HS2 High Speed Rail link, because the business case is based on unrealistic assumptions, the environmental impact has not been assessed, it is not green, the strategic benefits are questionable, and the money could be better spent on other things.


www.hs2actionalliance.org/ OR CLICK HERE

This Group has been formed by local residents and is run entirely by volunteers, accountable to its members brought together by common aims:

  1. To oppose the construction of the proposed high-speed rail line known as HS2
  2. To promote the alternatives.

The Group is NOT opposed to improvement of the UK’s transport infrastructure but believe that the proposal is excessively expensive and is being pushed ahead without full engagement of the public in the process

It affects you directly if you are a resident of: Lichfield, Armitage, Curborough, Fradley, Fisherwick, Handsacre, Hanch, Hints, Huddlesford, Kings Bromley, Streethay, and Whittington. You will not only pay for it, you will see it, you will hear it, you will suffer massive disruption, and those close enough will feel it vibrate.  Yet you will get no benefit – it does not stop here! However the Group does not merely wish to move the problem elsewhere by changing the route.

The Government’s proposal for high speed rail is to link London with Birmingham in phase one of the project, then to go on to Manchester and Leeds in phase two.  In doing that it will cut through some of the most beautiful countryside and village communities in England. The Government proposed to do an environmental study only after they confirmed the phase One route (Euston to Lichfield North) in December 2011, …..having closed the consultation!

The cost of £32 billion (Government estimate of construction cost based upon 2009 figures!!!) will affect everyone and will never be recovered over the lifetime of HS2.  It amounts to a permanent subsidy of a transport line that will benefit a few, and will just add to our legacy of national debt.  This at a time when we are slashing other public spending, cutting public services and increasing taxes.

We all recognise that our country’s transport system needs significant improvement but HS2 does not do that. A transport system to benefit us all needs to be integrated, it needs to cater for regional and local demands as well as linking in to the national rail system. It must involve improvements to rail and roads, improving local and regional bus services and integrating them with better regional and national rail services. HS2 does not do that.  It is a political vanity project, it sounds impressive, costs a lot but delivers little or no benefit to the country as a whole.

The HS2 proposals benefit the few at the expense of the many. They are not just impractical from a noise and disruption perspective, they also fail to make good business, economic or environmental sense.

HS2 is not just a local or environmental issue, it is an economic and political issue but it is not a party political issue, it was put forward by the last Labour government and then taken on by the Coalition. It needs a change of political will to stop it.

Write to your MP now, objecting to the cost, route, environmental or business case. Don’t leave this to others, it’s your money, your transport system, your government, who you elect. Join us and help in our fight to change these damaging proposals, and protect your district and your country.

If you can help or have any questions please e-mail us at info@wldstophs2.com

Whittington & Lichfield District StopHS2 action group is affiliated to the AGAHST Federation (Action Groups Against High Speed Two) which includes many other local action groups along the line and the two national groups:

StopHS2 (visit http://stophs2.org/)

and the HS2 Action Alliance (visit http://www.hs2actionalliance.org/).

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